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Edna Edillo Owen was asked to run for City Council of Baras, Rizal
On The PDP-Laban Party List
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2010 Election: Edna Edillo Owen was a Candidate for Mayor of Baras, Rizal

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There was 3 main concerns by the constituents in Pinugay which I have already made plans to address if elected. They are roads, safe drinking water and street lights. The following concerns was shared by everyone I spoke to in the Baras District which included government corruption, jobs, quality education, crime, drug abuse and health care. As a Strong Christian, I know that the answers to all our concerns can be found in the Bible. The Bible covers every issue from personal responsibility to every aspect of our finances. My personal views when it comes to creating financial opportunities is to stimulate domestic & foreign investment in job creation. Incentives & infrastructure are the 2 key issues. Incentives consist of protection from corruption, tax breaks, etc. Infrastructure consists of 2 large but equal parts. The first is “physical” which consists of good roads, communication services (telephone, internet, etc.), reliable electric, natural resources (drinking water, clean air and environment, etc.). The second is the “Human Infrastructure” which consists of a qualified work force (education, quality health care, etc.) In closing, the above is a limited but vital part of a platform which I believe would attract good paying jobs to our area & raise the quality of life in the Philippines.
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